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Generating creative ideas.

Experts acknowledge that creative thinking arises before logic or linguistics come into play. In 1940 marketer and author James Webb Young, publisher of A Technique for Producing Ideas, stated that “An idea is nothing more or less than a new combination of old elements.” With this in mind, having a constant stream of new ideas is more and more important for people working on creative solutions. Not only will your customers, users or supervisors want new designs, features or products constantly, you yourself will seek to be innovative in order to demonstrate your creative mindset. Those are the reasons why we need to keep searching for novel ideas that boost innovation, and it’s why the ability to think differently, come up with revolutionary ideas and trigger creativity within teams becomes a crucial skill. Way too often we make the error of assuming that great ideas just happen in one magical moment. Or worse, we get trapped into thinking that creativity is a rare talent; some people have it, others don’t. These assumptions are usually not true. Everyone can generate good and radical ideas — you just need to free your mind and think differently.